High-Fidelity Operating Simulation
Providing Leading-Edge Training
For Tomorrow's Caregivers

Mississippi has the nation’s greatest need for caregivers.

Caregivers who are rigorously trained to succeed in the fast-changing landscape of modern medicine. Caregivers who will stay and practice medicine in Mississippi after they graduate, and provide their communities with the best possible care.

That’s why the Manning Family Fund for a Healthier Mississippi supports the construction of a new high-fidelity operating simulation facility in the UMMC School of Medicine building.

Surgeon and nurse performing surgery

High-Fidelity Operating Simulation at UMMC

The more closely medical training can reflect the real world, the more prepared medical students will be. That’s why medical schools around the world are using simulation to make training more realistic.

Operating room (OR) simulation labs mirror an actual OR, so students get firsthand team experience before they set foot in a real OR and without impacting hospital facilities.

The high-fidelity operating simulation facility at the UMMC School of Medicine will include a fully equipped surgical suite, as well as an adjoining area where students can practice pre- and postsurgical processes.

This real-world environment, where tomorrow’s surgical teams can learn to coordinate movements and develop effective team communication skills, will improve patient safety and care for Mississippians.

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