Donor Profile
Sam Haskell

Donor Profile
Sam Haskell

Sam Haskell believes in giving back.

For this wildly successful son of Mississippi, supporting the people he loves and the causes he cares about is always top of mind.

Sam’s career arc in Hollywood is worthy of its own movie. Beginning as a mailroom clerk at the esteemed William Morris Agency (WMA), he rose to become the agency’s worldwide head of television. Upon retirement from WMA, he became the executive chairman and CEO of the Miss America Organization, as well as the president of Magnolia Hill Productions at Warner Bros., where he and his partner, Dolly Parton, produce movies and series for TV. Through it all, Sam has always been a philanthropist first and a businessman second.

That deep-rooted generosity, integrity, and loyalty have led to Sam’s worldwide reputation as “the nice guy in Hollywood.” Actors, writers, directors, and other industry professionals are always eager to work with him, knowing they’ll be treated fairly and with respect.

“When people ask the most important thing I’ve learned along my journey, I always tell them it’s to treasure your relationships,” Sam says. “It’s important to nurture your family and friendships.”

That includes his deep and enduring friendship with Archie and Olivia Manning.

A native of Amory, Mississippi, and a 1977 graduate of the University of Mississippi, Sam grew up watching Archie Manning play football at Ole Miss. That Sam went on to become lifelong friends with his idol is one of the great delights of his life.

“Archie and Olivia have been wonderful friends to me and my wife, Mary, for many years,” says Sam. “They’ve always been supportive of us. Donating to the Manning Family Fund is one of the ways we can give back to them.”

Sam also donates generously to his alma mater and other local and regional causes near and dear to his heart.

“Mary and I love Mississippi,” he says. “And we love Ole Miss. Giving back to our community is very important to us.”

When asked why giving is so important to him, Sam answers simply, “I learned at my mother’s knee that a blessing is not a blessing unless it’s shared.”

Thank you, Sam, for sharing your blessings with the Manning Family Fund for a Healthier Mississippi.